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Michael Biondo Lifestyle Design, Inc. Rates

Michael Biondo Lifestyle Design, Inc. Hourly Rate

Personal Styling - Event Production - Home Décor Design

$250 per hour

Michael Biondo Lifestyle Design, Inc. Day Rate

$1750 per day

The day rate fee applies when overnight travel is involved or a full day (up to eight hours) of service is booked. Expenses incurred during this time will also be paid by client. If services beyond eight hours per day are required, additional time beyond shall be billed at $250 per hour.

Assistant to Michael Biondo Rate

$50 per hour

In the event an assistant is required to work alongside Michael Biondo, an additional fee of $50 per hour will be charged to client. This will be discussed with client beforehand and may apply for any of the services Michael Biondo Lifestyle Design, Inc. is retained for including Film/Television/Video and Photo Shoots.  

Michael Biondo Lifestyle Design Policies


Michael Biondo Lifestyle Design, Inc. offers a no obligation 1.5 hour Home Décor Design consultation for $500. Advance payment is required. During this consultation, Michael will discuss ideas and make suggestions for optimal space planning and residence design.

If the consultation exceeds 1.5 hours, the standard hourly fee of $250 shall apply. Payment for additional time will be due and paid at conclusion of consultation.


Michael Biondo Lifestyle Design, Inc. requires arrangements for all client purchases to be made in advance.


An invoice for “Services Rendered” and an invoice for “Expense Reimbursements” will be sent to client after the scheduled appointment is completed. Invoices are due and owing upon receipt.  Payment may be made with a personal, corporate or bank check, cash, or one of the following credit/debit cards: VISA; MasterCard; Discover; or American Express.

Travel Rates

Client is responsible for all expenses necessarily incurred by Michael Biondo Lifestyle Design, Inc.

The travel rate may apply for travel to a client location 30 miles or more outside of Naples, FL. An additional fee of $125.00 per hour (half of MBLD’s hourly rate) will be charged to client for travel time to and from client destination.

During overnight and extended travel, all expenses are to be paid by client and may include the following:

•  Town car/ Limousine service to and from airport

•  Roundtrip Business Class air fare

•  Taxi service, town car service or premium car rental

•  Deluxe accommodations in a non-smoking room at a major hotel

•  All meals and gratuities


One day advance notice is required to cancel a scheduled appointment.  If an appointment is canceled less than eight (8) hours in advance, client will be charged $250.


Michael Biondo Lifestyle Design, Inc. requires a standard contract to be signed by client for Personal Styling, Event Production, Home Décor Design, Full Day Bookings, or Overnight Travel.  In all instances, an estimated non-refundable deposit will be requested at the time of signing.

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have read Michael Biondo Lifestyle Design, Inc. Rates and Policies, understand, and agree to them.

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